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Jackie and Ricardo

Tango is the elegant embrace, the passionate lyric, and the nostalgic tune that inspire a balanced, nuanced, and harmonized dance between you and your partner.

Jackie and Ricardo are lifelong tango aficionados. From early memories of seeing their parents host tango dances to the beginning of their own journey in the mastery of this art, they have found in Argentine tango an endless source of inspiration and challenge.

Jackie began her formal dance training in Quito, Ecuador, at Marcelo Ordoñez’s “Danza Folklorica.” She holds an M.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education from GVSU.

Ricardo had his earliest training in music and dance composition at the “Instituto de Musica Sacra” in Quito. He holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Between 1997 and 2004, Jackie and Ricardo helped build the now thriving Argentine Tango Community in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2004, they have been actively promoting Argentine Tango in Grand Rapids through classes, workshops, and social events. They travel regularly to Buenos Aires to receive training in tango instruction under the tutelage of professionals from accredited tango schools.

Jackie and Ricardo believe that social Argentine tango is for everyone. Their curriculum focuses on the aesthetics of the dance while developing a mastery of tango etiquette, forming skilled, sensitive dancers who recognize and embody Argentine tango as it is danced on the dance floors of Buenos Aires. In sharing their passion for tango with the community in Grand Rapids and beyond, Jackie and Ricardo are committed to helping their students achieve a refined level of appreciation for Argentine tango as they learn to delight in the richly expressive content of its music and dance.

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