Tango Lessons

Instructors- Carmen & Andy

Carmen & Andy Teachers

Carmen Maret began dancing tango and performing tango with the Kansas City, MO based group, Tango Lorca in 2001. Later, she studied tango as an ethnomusicology Master’s student at Michigan State University, and produced a Master’s thesis in 2005 that looked at tango in the Michigan Argentine Tango club based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Carmen Maret is a co-founder of the Grand Rapids Tango Community where she works as a tango teacher and tango musician. She co-founded a tango quartet called Tango Folias that performed danceable Golden Era arrangements for dancers at the Mezze’s Cafe’s weekly milonga in Grand Rapids. Carmen Maret’s main pedagogical influences as a dancer include Tom Stermitz, Brigitta Winkler, and Christopher Nassopoulos & Caroline Peattie.

She has been performing live tango music for dancers since 2003 when she joined with her husband guitarist Andrew Bergeron to form their duo called Folias.

Andrew has taught tango in the Grand Rapids tango community since co-founding it in 2005. His classes focus on finding an ease and flow in Argentine tango through a deep connection to the music. Originally from Holland, Michigan, Andrew Bergeron splits his musical efforts between composition and performance, specializing in tango arranging. During his Master’s degree in composition at Michigan State University, Andrew Bergeron composed music for a variety of ensembles including, solo guitar, guitar and flute, electro-acoustic music, chamber music, and tango.

Andrew has performed tango music for dancers since 2003 when he joined with Carmen Maret to form their duo called Folias.

Instructors- Dave & Dawn

Dawn & Dave Teachers

Dawn and Dave Kasper have been dancing tango since 2005 and teaching beginners since 2009. They have taken workshops with Marika Landry, Luciana Valle, and Jaimes Fiedgen, Maximiliano Gluzman, Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo, and the famous milonguero Tete Rusconi.

Dave’s engineering background gives him a keen eye for the mechanics of the lead and follow and Dawn’s physical therapy background gives her insight in to the “anatomy of the dance”. Dawn and Dave believe that dancing the tango is about the joy of connecting with your partner and the music. As the beloved Tete said, “when you dance tango you feel like you are flying above the clouds.”

Instructors- Xavier & Bethany

Bethany & Xavier Teachers

Xavier Marchena has danced tango since 2005. He fell in love with the dance on accident through a tango music listening assignment. Xavier participated in a tango lesson and has been dancing ever since.

Bethany Marshall has danced tango since 2007. A student of the Russian language she was lured to a tango weekend by the promise of a native Russian speaking instructor, and became hooked on the dance.

Bethany and Xavier have studied under Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron and James Freed and Joni Lipson and started teaching lessons with the GR Tango Community two years ago. They have attended weekend workshops taught by Avik Basu and Yelena Sinelnikova, Evan Griffiths, Christopher Nassopoulos and Caroline Peattie, Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt, Nick Jones and Tara Fortier, and Jennifer Olson and Damian Lobato. Bethany and Xavier bring a playful attitude towards tango and excel in improvisation. Xavier’s strength lies in his strong rhythmic connection and outgoing demeanor. Both Bethany and Xavier are up beat instructors and can lead and follow, enabling them better understanding of the dance as a whole.

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